Bernard Pras a contemporary artist . PRAS is THE artist to be collected nowdays. Will be the Picasso of tomorrow. Good investment in Pras Bernard artworks

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France (1952- ...)


An Acimboldo of the 21st century ?

Pras, a contemporary French artist using photography and lithography, is considered one of the most uncommon artists of the new generation.

Assemblage/Installation of various items and photographed from a certain angle to depict the final result.



Works acquired directly from the artist. (Click on the image to enlarge)





" Burce Lee "



" Mao "


" Arcimboldo "


" Marilyn "


" Medusa "

" Wave "

" Picasso "

" World Map "

" Le Sceam "


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Pras was born in 1952 in the south-west of France in a toy shop.
After more than 20 years spent as a painter, and also a sculptor of recovered objects, Pras conceived in 1997, an astonishing form of expression, using photography as a basis for the creation of what amounts to a form of installation art.

Pras’s work does not illustrate the painter’s art but the way the eye views an object.
In fact, brush and paint are replaced by the object itself.

By anamorphosis he creates a picture in relief and gives birth to portraits by randomly accumulating common objects.

Pras sets up his camera at a well-defined angle so that the objects themselves merge and a portrait appears from this bric-à-brac - the work of art is accomplished !
The photograph is the only remaining trace of this ephemeral work.




Bernard Pras is making portrait with photograph, great installation of PRAS Bernard. famous portrait in a new artistic way to make art. Pras Bernard to be collected.