Calder Alexander a master for his mobile, stabile. CALDER' biography, artworks. amazing artist all over the world for his amazing mobile. Alexander calder

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Alexander CALDER

America USA (1898-1976)



Calder was a major 20th century artist, especially known for his scultptures. Achieving international success and celebrity, his works are now collected worldwide, with major museum retrospectives exhibitions dedicated to him.



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"L'Elephant Noir " 1973-2002



" The Month of the Heart "



" Papoose "


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Alexander Calder was born in 1898 in Pennsylvania, into a family of artists. Calder attended the Art Students League, New York, from 1923 to 1926. He made his first sculpture in 1925; the following year he made several constructions of animals and figures with wire and wood. Calder’s first exhibition of paintings took place in 1926 in New York. Later that year, he moved Paris and attended the Académie de la Grande Chaumière. In Paris he exhibited at the 1926 Salon des Indépendants, and in 1927 began giving performances of his miniature circus. Calder’s first New York exhibition was in 1928, and other exhibitions in Paris and Berlin gained him international recognition as a significant artist.

In early 1932, Calder began to experiment with abstract sculpture and introduced moving parts into his work. These moving sculptures were called “mobiles”. In May 1932, Calder’s fame was consolidated by the first United States show of his mobiles. In 1971 he started the Animobiles and many variations of mobiles.





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