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France (1928-2005)



Arman a major modern artist most well-known for its "cuted up" pieces...



Artist’s catalogue raisonné : "Arman, estampes", J.Otmezguine and M.Moreau, 1990. (Click on the image to enlarge)




"cuted up angels" Scultpure



"Victoire de Samothrace" Sculpture



" Hommage to Ivry Gitlis "



" Occultee "



" Oud Aide II "



" Opus " IV






" Arlan "



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One of the most important international object artists and co-founder with Klein and Cesar of the New Realisme. He studied about art in Nice and then continued at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris until 1952.
In 1957, Arman became interested in common objects as works of art.
First he did what came to be called his "Allures" (prints on canvas made with objects dipped into paint).
Then he figured the object itself was worth paying attention to and he started to "treat" them in his own way. Arman's way of treating objects is very special: his intention is to remove the material function of an object so that one can be seen as a work of Art.
What better way could he find to achieve that result than by creating his "Coupes" (cut-up objects) or by his "Coleres" (objects which were smashed/broken and then mounted). The interesting fact is that once emotionally detached from the circumstances associated with a broken object, one-can grow to appreciate its abstract beauty.
Later in the 60s the artist discovered his famous "Poubelles" (Plexiglas cases with rubbish cast in resin). Then, Arman developed the so-called "Accumulations" (a number of the same objects assembled in show cases and by this way making them useless). At the same period of time, in New York, Arman began working on the "Combustiones" (burnt objects).
Because of his achievement, Arman has come to full worldwide recognition and honoured with numerous international exhibitions. Arman has figured among the top 15 artists of world-renown.




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